Best Immigration Lawyers for US Citizenship

Updated on 11/15/2023

Best immigration lawyer

Best Immigration Lawyers for US Citizenship

When you or loved ones are seeking to immigrate to the United States, the process can seem overwhelming. While immigration may be complicated and lengthy, it is a necessary passage for many individuals and families as they move to become green card holders and naturalized citizens.

That is where a lawyer for U.S. citizenship can help. It is important to have an experienced lawyer at your side so that delays or denials will not happen needlessly. Looking for the best immigration lawyers for U.S. citizenship is not easy. In fact, in some cases, it may seem overwhelming. Let’s look at some ways you can find the immigration lawyer who is a good fit for your needs.

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Lawyer for U.S. Citizenship Referral

Many people looking for an attorney for U.S. citizenship will ask friends and family for a referral. The logic is that they or someone close to them may have retained a lawyer who helped make it possible for them to become citizens. When a name is offered, it is best to do a little research.

Experience Counts in an Immigration Lawyer

While many lawyers practice general law, which means that they know some about every aspect of the law, others specialize. However, immigration law can be challenging because it is complex, and the laws change as different rules are passed. A lawyer who specializes in immigration law is preferred since they will be aware of all the issues that clients are facing at any given time.

Make Sure You Find the Best Lawyer for Citizenship

There are ways to make sure you find the immigration lawyer who is right for you:

  • Check the lawyer’s credentials. Checking is easy to do by going to the legal board in your state.
  • Reviews are a good way of determining how the lawyer interacted with and what they accomplished for other clients. Sites such as Yelp, Avvo and Google can be helpful.

Case Review

Some immigration lawyers offer free consultation where they will get to know your case and you will learn about them. However, every immigration law firm does not offer a free consultation, and sometimes it depends on your case’s complexity. Whether the consultation is free or not, you will want an attorney who is experienced in immigration law but one who is acknowledged by others for their legal acumen. Some aspects of a case review are:

  • The immigration lawyer will talk to you about your case and review your documents.
  • He or she will ask you questions and answer any questions you may have.
  • The attorney will offer you an idea about what to expect and estimate how long it will take for the process to conclude and tell you about any problems you may have moving forward.

Ask about the Attorney’s Fees

Once the immigration lawyer has met with you, they should be able to give you an idea of how much their services will cost. Of course, this need for clarification must be tempered by the fact that no two cases are alike.

That means that at the beginning, the attorney will have an idea of what your case involves; however, they will be unable to predict unexpected problems. The complexity of your case also has a profound effect on the cost. That is because it takes more time and effort to resolve some issues. The cost is an important factor as well as the attorney’s trustworthiness, their experience and skill. Once you decide to retain an attorney, they should present you with a legal services agreement, which you will both sign.

What You Should Bring to the Case Review

Bring all the documents in your possession to the case review. This will give the immigration lawyer the information they need to evaluate your case for its complexity. Some clients are not fluent in English. Ask the law firm whether they have someone to translate for you. If not, bring a trusted friend who can help.

Where Will the Consultation Be Held?

The site of the consultation varies from one law firm to another. Some will ask you to meet with their best immigration lawyers at their law offices. In addition, the attorney might be willing to review the case over the phone, provided that copies of your documents are sent ahead of time. Finally, other firms may offer a virtual consult, using Skype or Zoom. Both methods are free to use online.

Picking the Best Immigration Lawyers for You

Take your time and meet with several immigration lawyers if you can. Once this evaluation is complete, you will know which attorney you feel comfortable with as the immigration process begins. It will also give you an idea of the lawyer’s strengths and whether you think he or she will defend your rights. By putting a little work into picking an attorney, you will be able to choose wisely and help ensure your comfort and confidence in the ultimate success of your application.

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