Sample I-485 Cover Letter

Updated on 03/12/2023

It’s exciting when you finally get to adjust your status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). But don’t be so elated that you end up putting together an incomplete Form I-485 adjustment of status application package.

In order to effectively adjust an immigration status in the United States, foreign nationals need to complete a Form I-485 and send it in to the USCIS with evidence/supporting documents. One way to make sure that the USCIS clearly know your application purpose and sees all of the items enclosed in your I-485 AOS package is to identify them in a cover letter.

Prepare a personalized I-485 cover letter

I-485 application can be filed based on family immigrant category, employment immigrant category, and other special immigrant category. The initial evidence for each category has some discrepancy. Therefore, cover letters for these categories of I-485 applications are different from each other. Actually, applicant’s own situation will also make the cover letter different. For example, if an applicant has ever been charged of criminal violation, his or her I-485 cover letter should include a certified copy of court judgment.

In practice, some applicants will concurrently file Form I-130 or I-140 immigrant petition with their Form I-485 application, or file Form I-765 application for employment authorization and/or Form I-131 application for Advance Parole together with their Form I-485 application. Apparently, more supporting evidence needed to be filed in a concurrent filing. As a result, a cover letter for concurrent filing is more complex.

At, we can help you prepare a complete application package (no matter it is I-485 alone or concurrent filing) with a customized cover letter based on your own situation. The entire application package will be carefully reviewed by an experienced immigration lawyer. Learn more or get started today!

Sample I-485 Cover Letter

Here we provide two types of sample I-485 cover letter. One is for an applicant who is K-1 fiancé visa holder and married the U.S. citizen who sponsored this K-1 visa holder. Another is for an applicant who married a U.S. citizen and applies for green card inside the United States. Both of the two cover letters can be considered as a checklist for an I-485 application based on K-1 visa and marriage to U.S. citizen respectively.

Download I-485 Cover Letter (based on K-1 visa)

Download I-485 Cover Letter (based on marriage to U.S. citizen)

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