What We Do

We are an immigration service company with high technology from Silicon Valley.

We can help you prepare your application through our online platform. Meanwhile, a skilled immigration lawyer will answer your questions related to your application and review your entire application to ensure its success.

With the combination of high technology and immigration lawyer’s expertise, we can help you save an average of 50% cost in your application.


Immigration Lawyer


DYgreencard is supported by professional immigration lawyers with more than ten-year experience.

Through our eligibility quiz, you will easily figure out whether it is suitable for you to use our online platform to prepare an application. If yes, you get an immigration lawyer who will review your application and answer all of your questions without additional fee. You may reach them any time by email, phone, or live chat.

If your situation is too complicated and our online platform cannot meet your needs, no worry, we always have an immigration lawyer with extensive experience for you to retain so that you may be helped out from the beginning to the end.

Keep in mind, at DYgreencard, an immigration lawyer with expertise is always here to help you out.

Immigration Lawyer Review Service

Your entire application with all supporting documents will be thoroughly reviewed by an immigration lawyer with extensive experience.

Before the complete application package is ready to file, the attorney will answer all of your questions for no additional fee.


Success Stories

DYgreencard attorney

Linda Says

January 18, 2020

The marriage green card was successfully passed. Thank you very much for your help. I am also a graduate from a law school in the U.S. Considering that I am not specialized in immigration law; I decided to find a lawyer to help. In the beginning, I also consulted several lawyers. In contrast, I chose lawyer Lu. The main reason for choosing lawyer Lu is Lu is more professional in immigration. I think my case is still a bit complicated. Find a lawyer to know how to deal with it. Once again, thank you, Ms. Lu for your help, and hope that everyone can successfully pass and realize their American dream.

Marriage green card
Family-based immigration
Sponsor Green Card for Undocumented Spouse

Lily says

October 9, 2019

Ms. Lu has a very good attitude towards immigration attorney. You feel very close to her and very honest. The most important thing is that she is very professional and the charges are fair. Before, I helped my daughter to apply for immigration. I wanted to save money so I just apply for it by myself. However, I filled out the form incorrectly. I wasted more than one thousand application fee and one year, just got denied. Later, my friend introduced me to attorney Lu. My application got approved very smoothly with the help of Ms. Lu. After that, all the immigration applications of my family (myself, my parents, my daughter’s citizenship) have been approved smoothly with the help of Ms. Lu. Thank you very much, Ms. Lu