Useful Links for Immigration-Related





Check case status

Sometimes, USCIS fails to enter case information timely online, so don’t be panic if it indicates the case does not exist.

Check case processing times

Make case inquiry to USCIS, like case outside normal processing time, did not receive notice by mail, did not receive card by mail, etc.

You may request to talk to a representative. Emma is just a virtual robot, but representative is real people.

Change address for permanent residents and aliens in nonimmigrant status

Find USCIS field offices, Application Support Centers, Asylum Offices, Service Centers, etc.

Find a doctor designated by USCIS to have a medical exam which is a must for applicants who apply for a green card (adjustment of status) in the U.S.

Study for English and civics tests which are required for most N-400 applicants.


Explanation about Consular Processing for immigration petitions

Pay fees online

Fill out DS-260 online

Submit supporting documents online

Requirements for civil documents like birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, police certificate, adoption certificate, etc.

Ask NVC only if you have USCIS receipt number or NVC case number


Get most recent I-94 record online

Get travel history online

Find a port of entry to correct I-94 or travel record


Apply or renew U.S. passport

DYgreencard — Immigration lawyer, at an affordable price.

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