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DYgreencard attorney

Your entire application is reviewed by attorney

Through DYgreencard, your entire immigration application with all supporting documents will be thoroughly reviewed by an experienced immigration attorney with high praise. Before the complete application package is ready to file, the attorney will answer all of your questions for no additional fee.

How We Work for Regular Immigration Matters

You answer simple questions online

No more stress with paperwork — just answer some clear and simple questions at your convenience.

You upload documents to our online platform

DYgreencard’s smart software clearly tells you what supporting documents to upload. You may upload documents in various formats easily.

We prepare application for lawyer review

DYgreencard’s experienced team member finishes your application forms and organizes all the supporting documents to make sure they are ready for immigration lawyer review.

Immigration lawyer reviews entire application

Get confidence in USCIS’s approval that comes with having an immigration lawyer who answers your confidential questions and reviews your entire application.

Your entire application ready to file

Leave the printing to us, and we will assemble everything precisely how USCIS prefers — you’ll have the entire application ready to file with USCIS.

Prepare for success

DYgreencard is always available to help. No matter your application is straightforward or complicated, we can help, from the beginning to the end.

We can file your application within one week

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